Visualize The Future. Yesterday. What?

Kylego is a unique accelerator of results.

At one point in Kyle’s career (Kyle Cease (I guess you probably know that, because you’re on his page, I wouldn’t be bringing up Kyle McLaughlin right now (this is just to prove to you that I can write a third set of parentheses))), Kyle had been in a slough of auditions that had not been going his way. This caused him to get in his head every time he was on his way to audition.

“We do this all the time with dates, job interviews, whatever… we constantly think about how we did it bad before and how we will do it bad again,” Kyle said, which is weird because Kyle is the one writing this right now.

Kyle (me) then decided out of nowhere to talk about the upcoming audition as if it had already happened.

Even with a paralyzing fear, Kyle decided to start discussing how he would nail this audition.

“As I discussed this, my mind actually started seeing the audition as past tense and filing it as true,” Kyle said, even though he’s me.

This process caused Kyle to replace his fear-based anticipation with creativity and imagination. Ideas came through on clever ways that he could get into the zone. This actually replaced his fear with a very specific confidence, because in his mind, he had already done it. 

He nailed the audition, got a call back, went to the producers, and eventually they gave it to a 90-year old black cross dresser (Congratulations to Sir Mildred Jackson the Fourth!!!!).

Sir Mildred Jackson The Fourth

The point is this.

He replaced his fear with a new level of inspired confidence. He now uses Kylego all the time to not only get out of crap, but to set an intention for everything he wants to do.

The Kylego Process

Kyle recently did an event on Flow and Kylego. The students were Kylegoing and doing these exercises together and the realizations were pretty intense. This process gets you out of your slump (that you might not even realize you’re in) and it puts you in a place of ideas, imagination and freedom (God that sounds dumb).

Kylego has steps, easy ones. You can learn it in a live environment at an event, or right here and now.

What Kylego will give you is the tools to take action and match what you felt when you experienced greatness — and to go after it again and again and again and again.

So, here are the steps:

  1. You spell out your vision to yourself.
  2. As you Kylego (yes, it’s a verb), you feel the results before they physically happen.
  3. As you feel the result, YOU link the amazing feeling to the result. This causes you to make a link that the action of taking action towards this goal will give you the same high. It basically makes you addicted to moving toward your goal.
  4. You move toward that goal.
  5. You achieve that goal, get addicted and want to do it more.
  6. As you start to live in this flow, your doubts disappear.

I know that this sounds really weird, and honestly there is no way to make it make sense until you do it. Analyzing it without doing it would be like watching P90X videos without working out. You won’t see the results until you do it.

If you knock this process without doing it, you’re dumb. You don’t have to do it, but don’t knock it. If you tell me before you do it that this doesn’t work, why don’t you also tell me how bad Gooble foam tastes. Oh, you couldn’t tell me how bad that tastes, huh? That’s because it doesn’t exist, so I know you haven’t tried it.

What I’m trying to say is, experience it first, then tell me how it tastes like Scrampleton, another thing you haven’t tried. Coward.