Here is the video on this!  Giving away 10 tickets to my event!  Want one?

I am touched by the response to this video. So thankful for Kauê Daiprai for making it. Pretty damn crazy.

You are what you love, not what loves you.

I am about to do an event on flow.  It sounds like some stupid concept.  To me it is the most important concept to learn.  While many companies are looking up specific strategies, they are overlooking a much bigger picture.  Here is how important flow can be and what you can learn.  These things are right in front of us, but we overlook them.

1.  Enhanced original marketing strategies.  When most [Read More…]

Very often, we hear that we need to live in the now, but most people don’t understand how significant this is.  Some people use being in the moment to temporarily let go of something, or maybe to get happy for a second.  Most people ignore this all together.  Some people repost Facebook memes about it, but they don’t know what they are talking about.  What most people don’t understand is they are living [Read More…]

When you think you already know how it works, you close yourself off to new possibilities. You do only the things that you knew, so you continually do the same things. You also come up with excuses to not do new things. Already knowing is actually fear of the unknown.

When we say “I don’t know, but I am wide open to knew ideas” We open the door to new possibilities and paradigms. This creates a constant opportunity of expansion. We are here to expand. No room for breakthroughs, no room [Read More…]

I had an idea and just started doing it. I didn’t talk about it much, figure it out, or justify why I should not do it. I just decided on it, and announced it.

Now massive amounts of people are joining me at this event, which was just an idea. It was literally something that was in my head. This invisible idea is now a reality. This is so important to get. People shoot down incredible ideas all [Read More…]

I believe this is the one difference between the happy, successful, fulfilled people and the rest of society.

Take a second and think about where you want to be. Really spell it out for yourself. What do you want in your life, career, relationship, health?   If you don’t have a vision, that’s your first problem. It’s easy for corporations to sell things to aimless people like this. If you don’t take [Read More…]

There is an amazing intuition doing everything it can to guide you. You can call it instinct, god, universe, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter if you are Cristian, Atheist, New Age, Mormon, or anything else.
When you are going to hang with someone and you hope that they cancel, that is your intuition telling you not to go. When you ask someone what you should do in a situation and you hope they tell you a certain answer, that is your intuition already telling you the answer.
We [Read More…]

The only freedom we want, is actually from the inner resistance inside of our head. Very few have the courage to admit that though. It’s just easier to blame everything outside of you from keeping you free. If you are moving forward slowly, stopping yourself from doing incredible things right now, believing every lie in your brain, stressing while you are sitting in a chair, you are not free. You are not free in your head.

Because of this, everything that you blame for keeping you [Read More…]